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    I had been in a relationship for eight years with my husband. Married divorced and still together it was long distance but it strangely worked. He got access to our son not having anything to do with him for the first two years. Moving on he would see him when ever he wanted and took him to his place and lot of the times I would be there and stay for weeks. He never paid a penny for over five years until things kicked off and he assaulted me twice and accused me off affairs. I lost my son to him as sw sided with him saying the emotional impact…..  and suicidal.  Which I wasnt depression after years of abuse and losing my mum. He made things very comfortable always turning up late blaming me for making my son I’ll not feeding him etc. I rebuilt my life got a job I loved and I still got the abuse via calls and messages and him not bringing my son. He then started to make advances and told me this wasnt what he wanted and we should be a family after a month of listening to this I gave in and just wanted to be with my son. I moved in 200 miles away from my family

    Over the 18 months of the relationship the abuse got worse and our son party tooo it. Taken away after his father berated me accused me of things. He assaulted me twice because I didnt answer a call. Not allowed to do anything with our son. But agree to him making all the decisions and told I had no rights.

    It continued to the point our son was behaving liking him

    I left in August making a difficult decision. I left my son behind knowing if he came with me where would I take him. I had nowhere to go and no friends around me.

    I have since been accused of abandoning son kidnapping him….. and he wont let me see him and is coming after me for cm.

    I have heard he is trying to use the old social worker  from a different county to help him

    I’m lost for words . I managed to see my son for 45 minutes as his father said it needed to be supervised. My son got upset amd wanted to leave.he had taken him out trampolining before he came to see me

    A seven year old made to sit there and petrified of going to play on the slide or.swing which he loves .

    Father now refuses all contract video calls as I’m going to be spying in his house …. blocks all my calls

    This is a little boy who wouldn’t stop yelling mummy to not even using the word in two months.

    Help ..need advice






















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    Hi Daisy71

    I’m one of the moderators here.  Thanks for posting on our forum.  I will be sending you a private message with some signposting options.

    Kind regards, Justine

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