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    I’ve seen my kids once in 7 weeks now!! And it’s killing me, I usually have my kids every weekend without fail, my ex partner lives with her nan about 30 mins drive from me and because her nan is high risk she said I can’t have the kids come stay with me, best to be on the safe side she said. I excepted that as I don’t want my kids or her nan to get sick. But I’ve found out over this period of lockdown not only has she been leaving the house to go see her new partner and spend nights round his house she is taking the kids out to to parks near him and they’ve all been together pretending they are a family and not abiding to social distancing! I’m not sure what to do? Do I report her do I demand that I see the kids as she seems to be doing whatever she wants, I live in my own as well and this is killing me. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi Jay

    Your situation does not sound fair at all and would drive me insane. Whilst this is no time for point scoring,  you and your ex do need to  agree, and stick to,  a set of guidelines that will keep all of you as safe and well as possible.

    I think I’d start with a conversation with your ex  about the situation, establishing, that at the heart of this is, the need to keep everyone as safe as possible.

    Also I have been in lockdown with my trio for 6 weeks now and it is such a struggle. Not only do I work full time but I also now feel called upon to be  everyone’s counsellor, teacher, best friend, games partner etc etc  And I cannot manage it all! So I am sure that your kids (and your ex) would be grateful for as much face timing and support by phone, email as you can manage as well.  You will never be on the outside.

    Hope things get sorted.

    Becky S

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