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    me and my ex split up 3 years ago since he’s been rather flaky with seeing her and when he’s doesn’t it’s never his fault. In December he left my daughter outside ( This is winter so not nice weather) with her care bus escort and did not get in touch. He went 3 months with out contacting me, changed his number deleted social media and moved home. I finally tracked him down in March and he tried to explain his reasoning  ( being a sceptic i do not believe his reasons) since then he said he would go to a mediator to sort out contact but never turned up to his first meeting. Since then he has not contacted to see or ask about our child and I’ve heard rumours of him  doing drugs (cocaine) and alcohol regularly and heavily ( drinking confirmed by his own dad)including having his stomach pumped the night he was meant to be having our child. It’s coming up to mine and no contact but I’m worried he will show up and try and see her or take her from school. I am not sure what my options are or if I should just wait and see if he even bothers with her. 


    Thank you

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