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    Hi, I’m new to this

    I’m 23 yrs about 3 months ago split up with the mother of my kids ( but I guess to her its longer than that but not for me) it’s been really hard for me. I just recently found out she is telling someone else she loves them ( which I think is too soon to be telling someone as for me I don’t see no other women but her in my eyes) I’m still being nice to her (I think she doesn’t know that I know what I found out) plus I feel like confronting her but I cant because I don’t want to lose her. she is always like not now or I dont know if we are getting back together (she is like putting barriers in our relationship I feel like it’s always on her time) something else is that she keeps on lying to me from small to big things which hurts me. I’m always there for my kids no matter what, but deep down through everything that’s happened and happening between us i still want to be with her. I love, miss her loads… furthermore when where together she is quite rude and humilates me most of time but yet I’m still good to her. I don’t know what to do… sorry if I dont make sense

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    Mate u r still so young,concentrate on being the best dad you can first,it ain’t nice being with someone who humiliates you,ive been there mate and it can break you trust me,I know it’s hard all you ever want in life is a picture perfect family and unit but that’s not always the case,I would’nt want to be with someone who’s messaging someone else,u will never trust her and that will ruin your relationship if u ever get back together,if she is already messaging a new guy it will be very hard to get her back,u can’t force it,u just have to let her do her thing and give her space the more you pressure her to get back together the more u will push her away.

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    I was thinking along the same lines.
    most of your post was focusing on her the odd line about the kids. That will be your downfall.
    make the kids your number one priority and however hard and however much it hurts step away from her. Only contact her regarding the children and access, don’t entertain conversation, games and don’t hold a flame if she’s moved on.
    the kids with bring you so much joy!! Holding onto a woman that’s moved on will only bring you pain x

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    Family Time

    Life is hard , it’s nice to see a dad so young thinking about his children and not himself first , stay focused Remember children are like sponges they understand more then they are given credit for .

    Make sure you spend time preparing some where safe warm and welcoming for your children and concentrate on being the best parent you can , sadly I agree with the above , if she has been with some one else leave her be , it does hurt but their will be light at the end of the tunnel .

    Stay safe .

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    Mate, I agree with all the other comments. I had to leave my marriage and our large house, into a 2 bedroom flat. I have worked to decorate the flat in such a way to make it welcoming to my two young daughters, and they love coming to stay with me.

    You can and will get through this. If you ever want to chat, feel free to send me a private message.

    Stay safe mate.

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