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    Hi! I’m a single father and lost my job after coronavirus started. I have two children who go to middle school.

    I am a software developer, so I had some savings. However, in half a year I see that money will not be enough even till the end of the year. I don’t get what’s wrong with me. I’m qualified, responsible, with 10 years of experience. I mean, I open a random article on the Internet about software developer requirements and realize that I meet every criterion. The more time passes by the more depressed I get.

    I’m afraid I’ll not be able to protect my kids, give them a better future.

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    you can claim universal credit if you have less than £16,000 savings. they will also put you forward for jobs. are you using sites like jobserve and CV library? if employers are not interested because of your child care duties, you could try look for a remote home working position.

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    How are you applying for jobs Jason? Via an agency or LinkedIn? Do you know anyone at all who could put you forward, a previous contact or colleague perhaps? In my experience this is the best way to get into a company.  You should put a message on LinkedIn and ask all your contacts to share. Think of formd you would like to work for and contact them direct. Don’t give up, you will find a job, put a few hours a day aside to focus on job search. Have you tried places like amazon Facebook, companies like that that are booming at the moment and might need your expertise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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