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    Hi all first time post and I have to make this quick.

    My daughter text me saying her mother told her that I, the father, has done bad things to other women. And that I abused mummy. I have these text messages saved. From other people’s experiences here I come to my question. How will this look in court? I feel like I don’t have enough evidence. She’s refusing to do video calls with me and I’m convinced she thinks I’m a bad person because of what her mother has been feeding her with.

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    Unfortunately theres nothing you can do . Most a family court would do is frown or kindly advise her she shouldnt be doing this. The best way to try an obtain video calls is not to retaliate and be nice /child focused and hope that ex kindly allows you a video call.

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    Hi, there are things you can do! I’m currently in a legal battle but it’s a long and costly process be warned the legal system is flawed, but you can get around it, what she is doing is wrong! Regardless of the issue between you and her your child should not be exposed to any of it!

    Please get in contact and I will assist you but act fast and be ready for atleast a year battle in the legal system

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    Hi I’m a mum that has been severely alienated from my son by the dad.
    yes it does happen that way too..

    My went through courts years ago and certain things help but some dont so be careful.

    I logged a diary and in some way was told it was good but next breath it was obsessive and I had some issues.


    I have three children but only one is with my ex the eldest and only boy.

    what I would say is the coercive control and alienation is now getting recognised in the eyes of the court.

    Good luck

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