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    Before I became a mom I try my best to always be there for friends and family, now I am single mom with a 3 year old and no one is ever there for me. I had to cancel my last year in college because I have no one to call on. No one calls to check if am ok, I try not to get sick because I would have no one to care for me in anyway not even to take me to the doctor. I live at home with my mom and sisters but my household is very toxic if my mom makes dinner she doesn’t even share with the baby but I’m not surprise she never raise her children she just left us on my father and neglect us so basically we were raise partially by our dad who became ill. I am saving to buy a house because I don’t want to stay here much longer it’s sucking the life from me, I am always depress when am home until I leave the house. We live like complete strangers. Trying to purchase the house alone puts a strain on me financially sometimes I can’t afford gas to go work and I have to call in sick. I have been feeling very depress and hopeless that my life won’t get any better I have no one to talk to and go out with to get some fresh air. My toddler father is a covert narcissist and dealing with such people is like signing a contract with the devil so I went no contact. how can I get my life back together and be happy, should I cancel the house because it’s putting me in a bad position financial making it difficult to provide for my child but I don’t want to stay among my family any longer it’s killing me slowly and should I go in search for a partner to be support me. How to start putting the pieces of my life together. Thanks for reading.

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    hi terri88,

    i cant begin to imagine how lonely you must feel but all these challenges will only make you stringer.

    I have had a sever case of depression cause by loneliness and no one to rely on but then i started making friends,which was something i was never used to din .but what helped most was talking about my situation and expressing how i feel,made me realize am  not facing the worst situation in life and with a little self appreciation and courage ,i was able to fight back and make the best out of my life.

    if you ever need anyone to talk to or assist you in any way possible,please reach out to me or any other person.

    Take good care of your self and your little soldier and be rest assured you are never alone.

    warm regards



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    Where are you based?

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