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    I recently instigated divorce proceedings against my emotionally and verbally abusive husband. ( it had come to the point where he was going to give me some spending money, but remove my check book and credit cards).

    last week I attended my solicitors appointment and he had to grudgingly give me a statement that my husband had written about me. ( it wasn’t something that was asked for, or needed and written entirely at his whim, even his own solicitor stated in his opening letter that it had absolutely nothing to do with their office and they were adverse to sending it). This was on top of him saying that he is under so much stress that he’s giving up his buisness, selling my car and taking my dog from me. The statement is around ten pages long and is the most devastating, horrendous account of any relationship you could imagine. It is exaggerated, twisted and full of lies. There are very few grains of truth in it and those that are there are twisted out of all credibility.

    I am incredibly traumatised by reading the things he has said. (He had taken himself off on holiday knowing that I would be getting the statement) Anyway, he has returned from his long haul holiday, wondering why I’m upset, it serves me right for instigating the divorce “ as nobody serves divorce papers on him and gets away with it”.  At the moment he wants to know if I want to go out for lunch with him…….

    Are things like this mentioned in court? Do I need to counteract the terrible things that he has said? He has actually said many of the things to me previously in our own home, but never publicly. I feel humiliated, embarrassed and ashamed.

    Does anyone else have experience of this?


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    Well done for being so strong and seeking a divorce.

    Abusive behaviour of this type forms part of the evidence against your husband should it be needed.

    my Husband displays emotional and financial abuse and I am further down the court route than you. Mine has fought me every step of the way, mostly by not providing information and ignoring court orders and solicitors letter etc.

    The worst of his behavior went on my form E in case we wanted to rely on it in the future and we are now seeking to go straight to final hearing as there is no point mediating with him.

    All of his behaviour will then form the basis of my statement to the court.

    Good luck, you are really brave.



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