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    hello everyone

    long story short (I’m new to this)

    my husband said 2 month ago he feels sad and depressed got put on antidepressants. Things were improving but then he started to come out with what was wrong I.e. house not clean not following up in things hat need doing, not having enough time together not tespecting can and been defensive with him when he brought it up.

    Since kids he’s not hardly help and wait until I crack ten he would help for bit before giving up. I do most things with girls.

    Anyway we both told girls today that he was going to live at his mums for a bit to ‘get his head together and figure out what he wants’. In the meantime I have all the house girls and full time job.

    Sorry for the rant but need to speak to people who are in the similar picture. My poor girls don’t deserve this

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    Hi. Sorry to hear about your situation. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and will always be on meds for it but thankfully it is not controlling my life. Do you know what made him start suffering… A trigger or something? I know it can make people not be able to tackle the simplest of jobs.

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    Hi, you may find life easier while your husband is having his “break”. I found it much easier after I split from my ex. I work full time too but I don’t need to cook so much, there’s much less cleaning, washing, shopping to do. I can get on with things.

    Also, no arguments and no walking on egg shells which meant my son is happier. No nasty atmosphere, no shouting, I’m less tired because we are relaxed.

    Is your husband still getting used to having babies? Are they very young? To be honest, if he wants things cleaner, he can clean things himself. If he wants more time together, he can help more with the chores.

    Build a new routine for you, cut down on unnecessary tasks and enjoy having your home to yourself for a while. It is a break for you too.

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    Thank you guys for replying

    I have no idea what triggered his depression and he does not know either. He says he doesn’t know what he wants and needs time to think about what he wants away from us (still sees girls in Sunday’s) hopefully.

    my girls are 3 and 6 and they have been clingy with me and made it hard for us to spend time with each other.

    Im just been a mummy’s md trying to be a good wife good at my job and good at trying to keep up with house

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    Doesnt sound to me like all hope is lost. Has he been to the doctors and really explained everything. Meds will help him calm down so he can think. Councelling or CBT or something like that will help discover the cause and hopefully offer some tools to help. There is no quick fix but I hope you can be there for each other and get through this. I think he will be scared but not want to show it. Research some things yourself maybe and give him some time. Tell him your there for him. Don’t push him away. Try and be the rock in your relationship. Anxiety can make you push people away because you can’t deal with the smallest of jobs or stresses. Help make things easier for him. Hopefully he will respond.

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