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    Hi all

    First time posting. Will try to keep it short!

    I want a divorce and my husband refuses to accept it, saying it isn’t up to me only if we both agree. I know this isn’t the case but when I tried to push on this he became aggressive and the police were called.

    I am now too afraid to broach the subject again and don’t know what to do. Any advice would be very welcome. Tia x

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    Well it is up to you and he’s just made his case so much weaker. Apply to court, this tells you how:

    You can also get an annulment if you’d rather, but you’d be best to get a proper divorce by the sounds of it.

    All the best.

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    it is absolutely upto you! If you divorce him on the grounds on unreasonable behaviour the incident with the police would be a good example to put in the divorce application. As empty says, he’ says only made his case weaker by being so awkward and unreasonable.

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    There is no point in either party trying to prevent a divorce.  Very unlikely that the courts would reject an application on the basis that one party does not want it to happen.  After all why would the courts want to force someone to remain in a relationship if they are unhappy?

    Unreasonable behaviour is the most common ground to apply for a divorce as it can be anything.  No need to produce long lists of reasons.

    My ex tried to prevent the divorce by first hiding the marriage certificate!  So I had to get another copy to submit my application.  One of my reasons was police being called to house several times (ex wanted her own daughter to be removed from the house).  Ex denied in their reply to my application that Police had been called to the house even though it was on record!

    Ex dragged out divorce for almost 2 years in hope I would withdraw the application.  Did not happen and outcome was that divorce was granted and a fortune spent (ie wasted) on legal costs!



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