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    I have just been sent a link about the characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath and read it with my jaw on the floor.

    My husband displays every characteristic out of 7.

    Not sure where that leaves me and my kids, really.

    I am taking him through court to divorce him, but it is such a struggle.

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    My no ex partner also read this or a similar link. Admittedly I did possess some of these traits but i was blinded to them myself.


    After reading these my parter also decided to up and leave (without our daughter…).

    Having been on the receiving end i would like to suggest you talk to your partner aboit his behaviour and traits.

    I never knew I was doing half the things mentioned in the article, I come from a rough background to say the least. These behaviour traits were not apparent to me at all. I never knew I had them.

    Since she left I have squashed all of them. As soon as I was actually aware of my behaviour and traits I started to correct and work on them.

    Nearly a year on after my ex left i have met a new woman who i think the world of. My attitude is now totally different as I’ve worked hard on me.

    Before you make any rash decisions I would suggest you talk to him and make the behaviour known and what outcome it will have if he’s not willing to change. This at the very least will give you and him a chance to work towards something better. If you cannot be open and honest with each other then you might want to consider other options. (A break, counselling etc)

    Don’t take these physco links as gospel, talk and be honest with him.


    Just my 2 cents.


    All the best x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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