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    Hi everybody, this is very difficult to write as I have never done anything like this before. Four weeks ago after an argument, my husband announced he was leaving as he had had enough of our marriage. He went to stay with a friend for a few nights and then we met up to talk. He said he felt nothing and was going to move into a bedsit. The next night he came back to say he was coming home, not as we were going to get back together but to help me with the kids. We have 4 aged 16,12,8 and 6 and sadly I have stage 5 kidney failure so every day is a struggle for me physically and emotionally. For 3 weeks he treated me like a doormat, in separate rooms, I even fed him and did his laundry thinking he was just having a wobble as he has just turned 50, I am 44. On Sunday I discovered through text messages that he has been seeing somebody else. I confronted him and things got nasty and he punched me in the arm and head. I threw him out in front of the children unfortunately. He knows how ill I am and that I need him yet he has cancelled my phone contract which is detrimental to me as I am on the deceased transplant list and could get a call at any time. I also have to start dialysis soon at home where he was going to get trained up so he could help me. I feel so alone. I feel physically sick and can’t sleep yet I have to function and not break for the sake of the children. He has no proper job so can’t support me financially and I have had to give up work, I can’t even get any benefits as we are about to sell our other house and have collateral. Sorry this is such a long post, I just can’t believe that at 44 I am now single and who is ever going to want me with my illness, I am bereft.

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