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    My Husband wants to separate as he no longer wants to be with me. He feels that we have lost ourselves and are no longer husband and wife but just mum and dad. He’s lost the attraction towards me and doesn’t want to try and bring us back to try and save our family.
    I’m absolutely devastated and feel totally lost. I don’t know what to do, we have a 3yr old and I’m due our 2nd baby in 7wks! We moved to a area just before covid where I have no family or friends. I don’t know what I’m going to do as I’ve been a stay at home mum and have no finances or anything behind me. I don’t know where I stand, has this happened to anyone else or any positive stories that their marriage worked out in the end?

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    Hi KF, I hope you connect with other parents on the forum soon. Meanwhile, I think you will find these pages on our website useful

    Separating | Gingerbread



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    Hi KF,

    I really feel for you. I wish I had something more positive to share, but perhaps just sharing maybe useful. My partner and I planned this pregnancy and yet he cheated on me and left me for that woman when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

    I am anxious about what’s ahead, but am learning to reach out and ask those around me for help. Each day that goes by I gain a little strength and distance myself from the heartbreak, often it’s two steps forward, one back.


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    Hiya my husband did the same to me we were trying for a baby for 3 years and then fall pregnant and when I was 4 months pregnant he said he didn’t want to be with me leaving me totally destroyed. I have an older child with him as well and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t even try with me. Long story short that was 2 amd a half years ago and it’s still a disaster. I have my good days and then il start to think about what he should be doing with the kids when he has them and I snap. I have worked with health visitors done cbt and it did help. All I can say is you are going to wake up every day some bad some better but you will do it. We find the strength within and to be honest with you he did me a favour. I’m a lot more independent he paid all the bills I had a part time job and I really didn’t have a clue! I went to citizens advice and wow they were amazing and helped me hugely!! I was extremely lucky and had family close to me but you can do it. I am so much more independent and I love it even did some decorating in the house myself 🙂 and I get to spend 12 days out of 14 with me boys (he has them every other weekend) amd see all the good! I hope this gives a bit of comfort. There is so much j support out there! And if you ever need a chat I’m here 🙂 x

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