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    So long story short I have recently found out my husband of 20 years has been having an affair. He has left me and our 2 girls and is currently living with his parents.  Because he is at his parents he has only taken the minimum amount of stuff with him and I am having to live in a house full of his stuff.  I have asked him to come and collect it but he says he has nowhere to store it.  I hate living like this, seeing his stuff everyday not being able to really have my own space to grieve and move on.  Also because he is just staying at his parents house, he has no new financial outlay so is continuing to pay the mortgage and bills as he did when we were together (my wages were our spending money), because of this and the fact all his stuff is here I don’t feel like I can ask for his key back and he tends to come in when he knows I’m not in which I don’t like.  What can I do? I just wish he would sort himself out and get a new house so this can finally be home to just me and my girls. (Separated 2 months now).

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    Oh my god your story sounds identical to mine, almost exact, Feel free to message me if it helps xx

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    My ex did simular i found removing stuff to somewhere else i.e a garage helped a grest deal i am 7myhs on and there’s still stuff here of his but as i dont have to see it it no longer bothers me. A time scale also help with the keys and msking sure he t[k the stuff out the garage so he didnt habe taht excuse to keep coming around

    Id have been married 16years next month. He also had an affair

    Message me anytime x


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    You will need to ask him.about his personal stuff and his intentions.  I don’t suggest that you change the locks because he is not violent and still contributing. .units cost money to rent so rather than throw money away send him.and email or speak to his family . In the end my ex did pick his stuff up but I just gathered it all and boxed it off and put in a room.

    If he has left you and the children in the house then he sounds quite decent . I know of people who have changed the locks on partner and children and they were homeless

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