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    My husband left 6 wks ago , any messages I sent to him he didn’t respond to then he sent a message telling me to get a solicitor as all mediation has broken down between us. Left me a bit baffled as I tried to get him to talk? Anyways he saw our daughters for 1hr after 3wks of no contact because I asked him to see them but there has been nothing since. Then I recieved a letter from his solicitor saying he wants set days to see them I have told them he can see them anytime he wants and still nothing. I got my 8yr old a phone to contact him herself and he hasn’t replied to any of her messages or phone calls she’s totally heartbroken. I need help!!!  I can’t understand why he is intentionally making things hard for our children but claims he wants to see them to a solicitor? Has anyone else been through this with an ex partner?

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    Hi there,

    That is totally unacceptable behaviour and I can see how it is baffling to you and very hurtful to your kids! 🙁

    What’s the situation? Do you know why he left? Did he give any reason? And is he financing you and the kids?

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    Sounds like he wants things done through official channels

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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