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    Hi, my husband left the family home in July 2020.

    He decided to rent a luxury flat and is now saying he can’t afford to pay his half of our joint repayment mortgage and car loan. He wants me to sell the family house asap, so that he can buy a house with his girlfriend.

    We have two children, our 14 year old daughter has chosen to live with her dad (I think because she loves him a lot and may be scared of losing him.) She stays with me every other weekend and comes to me for her dinner one night in the week and our 11 year old son, who has autism, lives with me in the family home. He does not stay over at his dad’s and is unhappy about seeing him at all.

    What can I do? I am left paying 2/3rds of the mortgage and loan. I can only afford this because I am given DLA for our son. My husband earns nearly double what I earn as I work part-time and I have done this since the kids were born. It would be hard for me to work full time as I need time and energy to support our son.

    Part of me thinks I should sell up and move out but I have a nice house, with supportive friends around me. If I agree to sell I will move away from that support and have to buy a very small house as I can’t afford a big mortgage.

    My husband is saying that he will only agree to pay me the amount he is doing until this time next year and that he wants me to contribute to things he has bought to furnish his flat. If I don’t  agree he will just not give me the money he gives me every month -£525.

    I don’t  have a lot of savings gs and feel backed into a corner.

    Any advice?

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    first thing you can consider is claiming child maintenance for your 11 year old son. with the other disagreements about property, you may have to seek legal advice and perhaps seek help of courts. there are lot of solicitors that offer an initial free consultation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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