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    I have a 5 year old son and am a full time housewife.

    my husband is on a almost 6 figure salary yet he only gives me £30 a month ti get things for myself.

    I have a nice home, food on the table and whilst he isn’t violent, he is very controlling and arrogant.

    We have been together over 20 years but haven’t had sex since our wedding day. ( our son was conceived through fertility treatment)


    he isn’t affectionate and has already said if I leave I won’t get any money. I only found out a few months ago he had around 4-6 bank accounts. Isas, etc etc.

    How do I leave him with no money?

    I have no qualifications, no skills no job.
    I am clueless when it comes to benefits having never claimed a single thing in my entire life. This year I turn 40 and I cannot take anymore.

    He is selfish and I am basically his maid.

    im writing this in desperation as I feel so low and lost.


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    Hi I feel for you but if you decide to leave there is help out there.

    speak to citizens advice.



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    I’ve seen a lot of people advise to speakt to Women’s Aid. Might be worth a try x

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    Would you be able to talk to the council and explain the situation they might be able to help you. Call women’s aid or phone the domestic violence helpline- yes he’s not violent but he sounds like he’s abusing you in other ways.
    You are not on your own there will be help out there for you. You will have chance to love you life. If you need someone to call for you let me know and I will try to help if you don’t have anyone else too.

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