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    My son has a pretty good relationship with his dad, but we have a up and down one.

    hes currently on remand and we’ve had some issues so he’s not making contact with our son.
    My son is reacting badly to this- acting out, crying for his dad, telling me how his dad upsets him etc. He also incorporates his dad into most things or will tell memories of his dad which isn’t a problem and I will entertain him.
    but this is really hard on us both and makes bedtime extra hard as this is a time he really acts on this.

    I just wondered if anyone had been in this type of  situation? How do I help him through this? Can I get him to forget about him? -this isn’t my wish at all I want them to have a great relationship but I’m struggling with the fallout of his choices!

    TIA x

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    No advice but sounds like you’re doing an amazing job supporting your son through this! X

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    From my own experience I would say to be mindful not to take on the guilt of somebody else’s actions.

    When my son was younger this situation was difficult at bedtimes also, he choose a soft toy to be a friend and developed a strong connection with stories. Sometimes the escapism helps as through, and fictional characters can help as with the vocabulary to express feelings.

    Best wishes xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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