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    can anyone give me some tips on how to cope with thoughts of absent father.

    my son is 5 weeks old and dad knows about him but has not been in contact since.

    I don’t know if he wants contact (he has said he doesn’t at the moment) but when? It’s making me anxious about how I will feel after not being around for 10 months and offered no support or help.

    i think of him every day..

    how can he not be wanting to help? He said because of how I am? But I’m really not a bad person?
    I still don’t understand how he has left me and not offered help.

    I am loving being a mum  and have coped perfectly without him, everyone I know has helped and supported but not one day goes by without him in my thoughts, anger, or thoughts we could have been together through this.

    but it doesn’t get any clearer as I don’t know what he is going to do next?

    what do I do?

    thank you

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    Family Time

    Hello , congratulations on your little boy , Enjoy the time you have him all to yourself , would you want someone who has left you to cope by yourself wading in and playing dad ? Visiting friends and family with your little boy alone ?? I do agree children fair better with both parents but you can’t make him visit and you can’t make him show an interest he should be helping financially and I would want a residency order this would just state where your little boy lives , it just protects you both long term you will need to contact a mediator in your area who will give you an interview IV had mine via video link given covid at present , the dad will be informed but he hasn’t played an active part to date or any part so he can’t really disagree with this , legal aid will cover some aspects such as c100 which is a residency depending on your income , it’s hard to not think about someone when you have their children especially when you have such a gorgeous baby created by two that you hold in your arms , this I’m afraid takes time to get over , sounds like you have good friends for support which is always a bonus , Remember to take time for yourself to its very easy to get wrapped up in the needs of your child and forget yourself but he needs you fully functional , much love to you both and I hope dad shows an interest but if he doesn’t you will have many happy memories to build with your son x

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply and for your advice.

    Much love to you x

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    Family Time

    Teddyjoe , always here to talk to xx

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