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    <b>ok, I’ll keep it as brief as I can.</b>

    1. Mother has not seen her children for over a year due to her abuse.

    2. I am primary parent.

    3. She used to have them for a weekend, every two weeks.

    4. Now, she said she is moving to Australia. Not told me, text kids while at school.

    So, I’m aware claiming child maintenance is going to be a pain and believe she will not voluntary pay. (I have 4 children)

    Also, anyone know my chances of applying for sole custody, so she gives up all responsibility.

    Note, before I get any grief, she has physically abused 2 of our children and has constantly mentally abused and manipulates all of them over the last years.

    So, she might give up on her own but feel to be awkward, she won’t. She’s moving to Australia and we live in. England.

    So, any advice or has this happened to anyone.

    Thank you

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    with Child maintenance, Australia is one of the countries that UK can deal with to enforce child maintenance. can see info here:

    my thoughts, are if you think the kids are safe and the mother will not try and take them to Australia with her, you could leave things as they are.

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    Hi, thank you. I spoke to CMS and they say they have no way of claiming it form her. There is definitely no way she will take them, she doesn’t want them, hence her going. However, her having a say in their lives and not paying or being here for them doesn’t sit right. Therefore, me and the children should be allowed to live as we please with no input from her ever

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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