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    She left with our kid. The kid was only 2 months old. We started after like 2 weeks to hang out. Sleepovers,dinners,presents,breakfasts and so on. She did not want sex with me but we did all other things…

    This we did for 1,5 years!! I got hopes. She even gave me a key to her flat(?). We had and have every week with the kid. On my week i usually surprised my ex with the kid,my ex was happy about that. She invited me to stay over and i did. She had planned wine and stuff and we saw a movie togheter before bed. She wanted me to stay over.


    Time passed and we did this a lot but she refused sex. Det Said “its not gonna be so good for our kid if we had sex”(!!??). I helped her a lot with stuff in her flat. I helped her with her car. I showed her What i wanted with her,kisses,cuddling in bed,hugs and so on. She never protested,but did not want sex.


    As usuall i wanted to surprise her at my week with the kid so we went to her place. The kid and i went in her flat. She was ******* another dude!!

    We talked in the kitchen. She said it was only sex. She also Said that she did not want me to meet another women(!?). She said she was single and ****** What she wanted to ****. What did she do with me for 1,5 years????


    I stoped talking to her and blocked her everywhere. A couple of weeks went and she contacted social securites because she wanted to have a relationship with me because if our kid. 2 weeks later she had another guy but now she wanted a serious relationship with this new guy. She told me both her fwb and the new guy had met our kid(?!)


    Im confused. Now in december her new guy and her went “official” on facebook and i guess our child meets the new guy a lot. She still want us to talk with social services about our kid and our relationship with our kid.

    Wich parent introduce a kid to a fwb? Wich parent introduce a kid to a “serious” boyfriend after just 2 or 3 weeks?? How does the new guy treat our kid? How much does she introduce him to our kid? Is he having our kid when she works? Does our kid like him?

    Before me her longest relationship was only 5 months. We Where togheter for almost 4 years. The kid is soon 2 years old.


    ****! What do i do and how do i cope with this??

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    Hi Bolond76. I just wanted to say hang in there, be good to yourself, the right way for you will come. I had many situations after my split where I thought it was too painful for me to cope with (new partners with my kid etc.), and the weird thing is, I have coped with them all as they come up. I never thought I could do it.  You will be able to do it!

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