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    I’m newly separated and really struggling with the lonely evenings/weekends. I’m rubbish with my own company and being on my own is crippling me. All my friends have their own children/ partners and the ones who are single are off out on town come Saturday night. I’m sat here with my thoughts and it’s a horrible place to be.

    How do other single mum/dads cope?

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    I really know how you feel…weekends are hard. Does your ex have your children at all?

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    My husband has recently left and I’m 6 months pregnant with our 1st child. I have 3 other children from my previous marriage. My ex husband tends to pick and choose when he sees them and they are with me this weekend, so the days arent too bad this weekend as I have them here. But now they’re in bed I’m sat here on my own and its depressing to be here alone. I dont know if I’ll ever get used to it.

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    I’ve thrown myself into work and kept busy since my ex left a year ago, I’ve finally calmed my work load and this is the first weekend I’ve not been crazy busy and I’ve really struggled but I’m so proud of myself for getting through it without a melt down.. I feel this situation isn’t forever so trying to make the most of it whilst I can.. I miss my son when he isn’t here so I’ve tried to take some much needed me time!

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    I wish there was something I could throw myself in to, but its difficult being pregnant. I know when the baby is here I’ll have him to focus on, but 3 months feels like a lifetime at the moment! I’m trying my best to be strong but sometimes it’s so hard and I do crumble, especially at night x

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    Yes its so hard when you are used to having someone there, even when you have been living as housemates as I was! I think the loneliness comes and goes,  I try to organise lots of things to look forward to, even if its just meeting a friend for a coffee. This weekend I have struggled with it and I am nearly 11 months separated…keep moving forward and get excited about a lovely baby coming into your life, which will open up your world to new friendships 🙂

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    Hi Emma. I hope you are having an o.k evening at the very least.  There are lots of people in a similar situation to you and I hope that you get some support here.  Happy to chat anytime.

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    I really understand what this is like. I feel lonely a lot then guilty about not being a good mum. When I sit around most evenings and weekends I think so negative, even when I try not to. The best advice I can give is to try do things you enjoy or use to enjoy but don’t do anymore. Think about al the things to be grateful for and maybe a hobby such as reading or even knitting, which I find is very relaxing.

    Please remember you are not alone. Many of us feel the same way x

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    I have been the same feeling lonely in the evenings but it’s getting easier now the feeling of grief is parting me and now I feel I can at least focus on stuff, if you need a friend I’m always free for a chat, I feel like I have more time then I have use for but I understand you get those moments out of nowhere when you feel low and lonely Iv had it twice lately when Iv even been surrounded by my friends, this website has defo helped speaking to people in similar situations


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    Thank you rich.

    I find week days bearable, it’s the weekend it really hits me. I guess its because that’s when I’d be with my husband pretty much constantly. This all just really sucks because it’s not what I wanted at all. I miss him so much 😥

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    Hi everyone

    There’s nothing worse than loneliness, and being with your own thoughts. In a strange kind of way  it’s comforting knowing there are so many people feeling the same. Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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