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    Hello all
    Im new to the group, so firstly just want to say hi. Hope everyone is warm and tucked up on this stormy evening.
    I’m struggling with coping with my very anxious teenage daughter. She nearly 14 and constantly says that she can’t cope and wants to kill herself. She messages me several times a week to plead with me to collect her from school….but I work full time so it’s not possible a lot of the time. There’s a part of me that thinks she’s being a bit manipulative, but I worry if I don’t react properly she will really hurt herself. It’s just so hard to do as a single parent. Has anyone else come across this? Xx

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    Raising a teen alone is tough!!!

    Have you spoken to the school about how your daughter is feeling? My daughter (12) has been saying she dosent want to live so I contacted the school, they were really proactive and assigned her a nominated person to speak with once a week. This has helped hugely as it has Validated how she is feeling and given her a neutral outlet.

    Please be kind to yourself I’m confident you are doing a great job. We have emotions too and worries plus working we can’t always be on top of our game for our kids and that’s a lesson that they have to learn. Don’t forget they are going through  massive brain development at this age so you just being by her side and offering reassurance is more help than you know.

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    I can only second what Blossom said.  Speaking to the school did not earn me any points with our son, but the sessions with the specially trained teacher surely made a huge difference. They started with two sessions per week and then reduced them to one, once he felt more comfortable.  I can only recommend this. We also had help via the GP who referred us to a special service for children and young adults. I can’t remember the name any more, but trying  your GP might be a good idea anyway.

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    Hi @ShelleyBic, I’m one of the moderators on the forum. Please look out for a private message from me with ideas for support. Best wishes, Helen

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