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    this is not a page about how to deal with an extremly spiteful ex partner, but me trying to look for answers of dealing with that, and learning how to outwit the manipulative people that are doing things which you are probably unsure of whether they are being being spiteful or they are just being extremely stupid.. and just quite clearly unsure of how to deal with these new situations that crop up as you are. Perhaps you can deal with these new situations that crop up better than them, u the next person may do that better than you.. Not that it is a competition, but life also is fairly competitive and we either thrive off of that and enjoy the buzz it gives us, float about and find harmony within ourselves and the world we are in smile make friends, and feel naturally balanced with the good and bad.

    Relationships and children  and people in general are very complicated. We all have had different teachings, life experiences and different coping techniques. so rather building up that complete and utter unfamiliar self analysis that we all go through, and go round and round with the same answers and questions 10 million times. It is easier to look at your own bigger picture and realize how ******* lucky you really are.

    When Letting go of that ego is hard to do and arguments maybe easier to create if it just rolls off your tongue. Even if what you first thoughts were to make a compliment to someone, or ask them where they got their shoes from. or how pretty that dress is. How about we just breathe live and let live. And sometimes giving a compliment to a complete stranger can also just roll of your tongue.

    So understand if someone asks you a question you dont know how to answer simply not responding is also a beautiful technique. and why is that not  a perfectly correct one. Or someone telling you you have to talk about something which you dont want to do. how is that correct in society, and our social service economy.  Probing information out of the vulnerable. Having to deal with discrimination without being aloud to have a say and not being aloud to say no.. i do not want to participate, is just a total shocking economy we live quite frankly. Since when was i do not want to participate when i am an adult not aloud. When our children say they dont want to particiate because their fear of it is rational to them. but when we are older we can see that isnt a rational fear and we can just distract them and hopefully turn a negative into a positive experience and something they enjoy. Like painting maybe boring to them but they realise they are doing it to keep occupied. and will thank you eventually. but being able to get over a hurdle of getting your hair wet and going swimming is completly different to getting over other hurdles such as giving up an addiction.

    Having built up complete rational fears of hospitals is a bit more understandable. because A. People die there and B. the people in charge working there 3/4 of them seem to be just nosy busy bodies that have nothing else better to do and ulterior motives. I am giving person and i want to heal the world but i do it in a way whereby i am not judging the majority. And i say the majority because i am having complete judgy thoughts on my ex and his whole family.  Their racist British attitude that england is england.  “the jews should of all been killed during the holocaust” “Hitler should of killed all the Jews” a statement my ex partner told me serveral times. A mother whome is completely homophobic. which is extremely horrid to here her even talking like that. and completly offensive. C. People can trap you there “like since when did some **** who cant even find his own arsehole” be in charge of your mental or even labelling your mental health. (born with a silver spoon up his ars kind of doctor.)

    An ex partner that he used to break up with me on a regular basis because he could’nt handle my faith , which he ultimately told me it was only because he didnt know anything about it. and was just ignorant to it. To him and i actually going to court over the faith of our son. he actually thinks my son is not jewish and has tried to force a court to decide the faith of my little boy. He is also shaving his head every few months when my faith does not allow it, and is actually giving me real depression about it. since he has lovely beautiful curly hair. so what can i do, as my Rabbi to help me out with this predicament. Well i have but not herd any response from them yet.. they must just be completely and utterly blissfully and happily unconcerned with the world and the the problems we have.


    and even though he was 32 and should probably know better than doing that constantly his addictions over took him and he just used to spark out uncontrollable arguments with me about my faith, break up with me run off in the middle of the night when it is suppose t and be completely unavailable when i needed a more stable partner to parent with me. But where would the fun in that be. being a risk taker does always not pay off,and you have to understand that is what it is when you take risks, taking the very good and the shockingly bad. Having someone basically crawling on tier hands and knees for forgiveness doesn’t make it right. I am baling. and trying to make sense of this world. And the risks/choices ive made. and would like some input please.

    even if you have forgiven someone over and over again you know a leopard doesn’t change their spots.

    This emotional bullying which some Jewish people may just laugh at and think. gosh he is a ****.. others may find that extremely hurtful cry and not know how to handle a partner saying these things to your face in the worst timing ever. Which again brings me to the point of learning how to deal with people like this..and not being hard on yourself as it isnt a competition.

    Our home the United Kingdom, whereby our whole country holds itself together by the unique threads that make us different culturally.  Were paying taxes to people that **** us over emotionally and bully us and our politician expect that to be correct for the minority to have to pay these people. just pathetic. we dont need your services. the majority of us could live on an island self sufficient are educated and well taught.Just complete corruption.

    If only i was living on that island without all this forced crap. along with a more confident inner voice whome you know knows the best and you need to listen to her more often. 🙂

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    Hi Maggievirag

    I’m one of the gingerbread moderators.  Thanks for posting on our forum.  Just to let you know that I will be sending you a personal message.


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    Yes got your message. but i wrote this on the forum. and only wanted to view comments written on the forum. no need for special treatment.. also there is something wrong with your website. as i didnt mean to post this.

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