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    hi everyone! Communication between me and my ex-husband isn’t always great, and always through text or email (his choice). Our two girls (8 and 10) are currently spending every other weekend at his and his partner’s house, as well as every Monday and Tuesday night. The alternating weekend and Wednesday Thursday they are with me. Whether it is due to them coming to me mid-end if the week or whether it’s because they are feeling more able to express themselves with me I’m not sure, but I am definitely experiencing a lot of stress and difficulties with moods when they come here on a Wednesday, and I personally feel it’s time to discuss a week by week arrangement instead as it’s the transition that seems to cause the most stress for them. My eldest has also mentioned she’d prefer this arrangement. However my ex has a way of stonewalling any suggestions he didn’t make himself and I want to find the best way to bring the subject up with him and make it clear it’s for the children and not for my own convenience, but without him falling back into his regular argument of “we’ll they’re always happy when they come here so you must be the problem!”.

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