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    Well here I am 6 days into single parenthood and I have to say I’m struggling with the time after my daughter goes to bed until I go to bed.

    I feel like I can’t concentrate on the tv for feeling lonely.

    How does everyone manage it?

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    Wish I knew, my daughter is in bed from around 7:30… from then until I go to bed I am pretty bored and lonely too. Being a single parent has its upsides… That definitely isn’t one of them! ๐Ÿ™

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    Would you consider online dating…Within 6 weeks of my ex moving out one of my best friends have me a good talking to and I decided to do online dating where I met the love of my life…It kept me entertained on those lonely nights as I struggled focusing on tv also…

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    I have been single for two years now with online dating drawing a blank in dates. It appears to be ok with a man going to be with a woman who has kids but not the other way around.

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    Ah gosh no genuinefella65! As a single mum, Id be more than happy dating a single dad. I find the problem is you have no idea whose single and whose not! You need to get some of those t-shirts printed I saw mentioned in a previous thread ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Yeah, it’s not the best part of the day… I really find it hard when my son goes back to stay with his mum… those nights after work are long. I did the online dating thing… it’s got its pros and cons. I find that dating in general is way more tricky than before I was a parent.

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    I was in this position for a number of years and used to have long baths, and do craft projects or read, as I didn’t have anyone to look after my daughter.ย  To be honest it did feel very lonely. She is now a teenager and I am still a single parent but now she stays up until I go to bed and sometimes I yearn to watch what I want on television!

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    I wish my son would sleep! I’d love a long bath and to do craft projects. It does get easier I promise. I thought it never would but it does. I find a glass of good Amarone helps (or hot chocolate on a ‘school night’) ๐Ÿ™‚ For God’s sake don’t look at others social media. We all BS about how great everything is. We’ve all got problems. If I do ever get a free moment I try to exercise. Improves my mood and I feel like I’ve achieved something. You’ll get there.xx

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    My husband left 9 weeks ago and I found the evenings unbearable at the beginning but I’m used to it now. Still can’t get my head around the whole separation though. It’s so heartbreaking.

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    Itโ€™s very difficult. I also cannot be bothered to concentrate on the TV. I do have college work to do, so when I can be motivated to do it thatโ€™s a good one. Could be worth looking into studying something to fill those nights. Or reading in general, I find it easier to concentrate on a book than the TV.

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    i have been single for 4 years now. It is a lonely life, i find it hard making friends too but i try and keep busy. I got really into needle felting and painting and I’ve ended up studying a degree in art. Dating apps and sites are difficult, I’ve tried them but most people just want a one night stand or don’t understand what things are like being a single parent. Its difficult. But I’ve also sat at my sons swimming lessons etc and sat near the married mums and here them all talking about how unhappy their marriages are and that made me think that maybe we should just embrace how we are. Maybe its not so bad ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I thought i was the only person who felt this way ..I hate it when my daughter goes to bed because I dont know what to do with myself and recently i’ve just been crying and crying .. i have been single for a fair bit but i feel so lonely at night im not productive at all i just end up scrolling facebook and its not really helping i might try crafts as some of you said it works for you ! x

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    Recently widowed, and I am finding the evenings after kids are in bed unbearable. Struggling to concentrate on anything. Find myself walking round aimlessly feeling sorry for myself. Have plenty to do but lack the motivation. Would welcome any words of wisdom.

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    Yes I find crafts really good! Really distracting! Look up needlefelting ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that!

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    Can totally relate. My wife passed in December, and when my kids go to sleep itโ€™s very lonely!

    I had thoughts of online dating just to get over the grief, but had good advice not to.

    Looking at all your posts gives me hope for a brighter future.

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