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    Hi all,

    I just need some support or advice on how to make your lofe better…

    Long – short story….

    2 years ago I met my (ex) partner… we had a beautiful time together and after 6 months we started to live together…

    He always use to tell me how he is happy with me.. and he would be very happy to be a real family..

    so.. after another 6 months I got pregnant..

    and when I was on my 7months of pregnancy he went to see his family in Africa.. and guess what.. after we met only once..

    not going into the details…

    we kind of still together but.. not together.. he lives in France with his family and I live in London.

    The reason why we live separate.. I don’t know…

    every time keep asking “when..? When are you coming back..?”I hear stupid immature answers “ I don’t know..”

    well… now my son is 14 months old.. and I have to deal with life problems on my own.. he doesn’t support me at all….

    he says he loves me.. but……

    im alone and feel very down.

    so end of July I returned to my work.

    thanks God my mum agreed to look after my son while I’m work.

    but my live is shit..

    we live in a double room.. in a share house..

    I have debs to pay…

    I have to pay everything..

    I want to have a flat.. but I can’t afford it…

    every day I cry….

    every day I try to survive…

    and always think that some people more lucky than me…

    I wish I could have my own place.. not for me.. but for my son.. he needs space.. and I feel so useless…

    how I can help to myself……


    thank you…

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    Hi Selionka

    First of all you are not useless, you have brought a child into this world and are doing it on your own. Have some self confidence i know its easier said than done, I have had an awful year of my life this year. You could apply to your local council and because you have the child they could accommodate you a flat perhaps. Just remember you have your mum and that is everything, so be a bit more aware of the good and not so much of the bad until your time will come and things will get better.

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    I am so sorry that you are in this situation. Is there any chance you can live with your mother and share the bills until you have saved some money ?

    I live in my home with my child and do not get any support from anyone unless they are paid. I was an aunt before I was a mother and helped everyone .,took time off to baby sit , cook , look after children when the parents went on holiday and dumped them on me and listen to people’s problems .I don’t have parents and my siblings are interested in them selves . So you are very lucky in a way to have family to help you . I had bad pneumonia but still went to work and looked after my child and no one helped me.

    I’m on my own at Christmas with my child and we are going to have the best day ever ! Forget this man and see if you can flat share with another parent!! You can do it and you just need to have faith in your self.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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