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    Mikey brum


    so right now I am going threw a very recent separation as a dad. Two small boys of 4yo and 5yo. I was told to leave the house a few days ago and I’ve not seen my boys in a few days which has killed me. I miss my ex so much and I am back living with my parents. I mean I’m trying so hard to try and win her back over but I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Bear in mind it’s very early days and she is hurt and upset. Reasons I cannot explain but I’m truly sorry and have explained this over and over from the soul. She is living in our house and it will be the first time I have seen her in a few days as I will be collecting my boys from school and then bringing them home to her. I’m so anxious! . How do I react when I see her for the first time please? It will kill me inside seeing her. I love her still so much! But just feel she does not love me back. Then having to say goodbye to my kids will also kill me inside. Wow.. this feeling of emptiness and loneliness and hopefulness can be so overpowering.

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