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    Hello I’m a lone mum on UC and I want to learn to drive as it would make it easier for me to take my child to nursery and the grocery shopping which is far and in the future for working. Trying to look at my budget and wondering how much I would have to spend every month on the car and insurance. Any rough figures from anyone who has a car? Thanks

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    this very much depends on your circumstances. If you are old, with many years accident free driving, have a car less than three years old and below 55hp you can get round for less than 100£ per month incl petrol. But if you are an avarage person with an eight year old astra diesel and no accident bonus, you can estimate £200-300 pcm, depending on your mileage. This does not include any repairs or extras. It is just the car on the road plus petrol.

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    Wow thanks. That’s a lot more than I would have thought. I wonder if the insurance is cheaper if I join my sibling’s account, is that how it works?

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    We have a very small car and have always owned a Nissan Micra .we use the car to get round locally and it was a godsend when my child was at nursery . I used car to get me to the  station so I could go to work.

    I hardly use the car  because I work from home so I don’t spend much on petrol .however I had to change the battery last month which coincided with the MOT.


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    Andrew uk

    Can you be put on a parent’s insurance?

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    How number did it roughly cost?

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    Yes hopefully I can get on my dad’s insurance

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    I’m 41, medium-sized 10 year old car and about 10 years of no claims. Insurance and breakdown cover is £50 a month. Tax is £11 a month. Petrol around £60-£80 a month. So the total is around £130 a month.

    The real cost is when it needs fixing 😅

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    To get put on someone else’s insurance only works if you are borrowing their car, or they have a multicar policy. Otherwise, if you say they are the main driver of your car it is called fronting and it is insurance fraud. Best case scenario is you have an accident and your not covered.

    Re costs of a car

    To buy – ok 10 year old car about 3k. Needs replaced about every 3-4 years . Resale value £200 if lucky.

    Insurance – If no no claims probably 600-900 pa so say 60 a month. Depends on car and where you live, if you’ll take a black box , mileage etc. You can create an account on comparison websites and check with details of cars you are considering to see. . ( Mine is over 300 with more than 10 years no claims for a 1600 cc MPV so low risk car)

    MOT / repairs/service – usually have a full year when bought but need to get every year. Old cars fail and need work done. Usually averages 1000 a year including tyres brake disks etc – less if you have a good garage and buy parts yourself second hand on line and get them to fit

    Fuel – about 80 for a full tank now which will do about 350 miles ( diesel ) mixed urban and motorway driving.

    Tax – mine is £155 a year.

    So assuming car lasts 4 years and fill up once a month and buy with full year mot and sell when mot coming due and don’t pay any interest on money to buy the car and don’t get a dud you can probably do it for about 235 a month ,if your not buying the car , or about £280 a month including purchase price without any interest ( which would probably add another £10 a month).

    I budget 300 a month for my car including saving for the next one. .

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    The lessons and theory are definitely doable on a low income, may take longer to do but it is worth it. The car insurance is a killer however lately iv noticed there are now car insurers who now instead of using a blackbox you just pay per mile you drive.

    For road tax normally £10 a month depending on car but mines always been about £10 had a ford ka and now ford fiesta , mot £30 as long as there is nothing wrong with the car, then petrol i drive pretty much everyday and travel to london atleast once a week from eesex so its £100 a month.

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