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    I made a threat to CMS that after 10 months of inaction I wanted to know the status of my kid’s payment, I received the info below:

    The paying parent on your case is currently in receipt of a state benefit.  We requested the deduction be taken directly from benefit, this was sent to the benefit office on 12 December 2019 but unfortunately we have not received a payment from them. They have responded and acknowledged they have received the request but have been unable to deduct so far as we are not a higher enough priority for a deduction at present, if this changes we will receive the money and pass it on to you.  I have checked our real time earnings system and the paying parent does not have another income source for us to consider at the moment.  I appreciate this will be frustrating but we can only pass on any monies received and we are currently not getting any money in.  Any money due and missed will be added to your case as arrears.

    I still have no idea what her debt is – but I am astounded that she has debts to someone or something else which take priority over her kids?? Magic! It can’t be back tax as she hasn’t worked for 10 months! CCJ maybe? If it is a CCJ, it seems unfair that takes priority over her children!

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    Might be money owed for the over payment of benefits or tax credits or maybe some sort of crisis loan.  The government are always the top priority for repayment, but any ccj doesn’t take priority over maintenance,  well it doesn’t when we do normal wages so not sure why benefits should be any different, they have to leave her with a certain amount of money though she can’t be left with nothing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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