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    A live chat facility would be nice.

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    I guess these sites depend on your luck. I only really spoke to 1 guy and that is the guy I have been with the last 4 years. Am not how I would have got through the last 4 years without him. I think that meeting someone with a child enables more understanding between each other when it comes to the children. I chose Mums Date Dads as wanted to meet someone with a child/children…If you don’t try you never know…good luck!

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    Definitely can be a lonely thing, I think the main problem is that when you go out (park, shopping whatever) you can’t tell who is single and who is just out with their kids without their other half! I always thought “I wish everyone single would wear a badge or something, so we know who’s who!”

    anyway, I ended up meeting someone 10 years younger who has no children… so I may have to start all that again 😬!

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    Theres no groups near me i live in evesham but i am close to cheltenham if anyone would like to meet up i literally dont know anybody in the area really and i cant help but feel so lonely all the time with nobody to talk too . x

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    Hey ive just joined i too am single have been for past 5 years

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    Hi, I’m new to this page but am recently single to a 2yr old, I have some great friends and family near so have good support but it’s all a minefield trying to work it out..

    in terms of meeting people there are lots of local Facebook groups even for soft play etc, perhaps you could even set one up? I think in this day and age the power of the internet and social media can be a godsend with finding these things. I stumbled across this site whilst looking for an actual gingerbread recipe!!

    I’m sorry I’ve not given much help but it’s good to be able to bat ideas around with people in the same situation



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    I am also from Swindon the same as Jason, with no local gingerbread meet ups. I also have my son with me full time, which leaves me with very limited free time. I love my son, but this makes it almost impossible to meet new people and potentially start dating again.

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    Hi all, a bit late to this thread but as it resonates with my own situation and feelings I thought I would share

    I’m in Northampton and there are no groups near me either, and whilst I have a small group of friends, they are either couples with kids or singles without, so at the moment, any of us getting together is a rarity!

    What I think though is that sometimes, as nice as seeing people face to face is, most evenings I would happily just take the ability to chat to people via social media/direct messaging, even if it’s just about some random thing on tv.. being a single mum then it’s rare I’m ‘off duty’ to do more than that most of the time 🙂

    I did try and find groups to join via FB without much luck, and any I did join just didn’t seem to be talktative

    So, would anyone here be willing to join a WhatsApp group if I set one up?

    Even if at the least it gives us is a chance to share and chat a bit more in the moment, or provides a bit more social contact than we may be getting now, that’s got to be a bonus

    If you do want to join in then just drop me a direct message with your name and details and I’ll invite you to join




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    Hi I am


    New to the site but based in Swindon, I have two children a boy and girl, ages 10 and 12.  Looking to meet new single parents in Swindon.

    Happy to also run a group if there is the interest?

    If not the small number of us there’re, can start our own little social.

    How many kids and how old ?

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    I see someone, on this thread, recommended as a place to meet other single parents. If you are thinking of joining that site, please ensure you read some of the reviews about it before signing up. Some people have had serious issues with it.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a divorced single dad with my 7 year old daughter. We live in Bournemouth and we often feel lonely both. Her mum lives 300 miles away from here and she is coming to visit my daughter once in a month. Sometimes I am struggling when I am working I need someone to pick my daughter up from school. I am looking for a single mum with one children or two to meet and make friendship or more the area where we live.

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    save one for me Tshirt pls🤣

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    I’m thinking the same thing. I’m in Sussex. Kerry

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    Hello gabor try looking on  council website for local child minder who pick can  your child up and feed her after school. I use Childminder  when I’m at work

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    Hello Sherina, and thank you for your advice,

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