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    I have been a single Dad for over a year now with girl (9) and boy (5). I feel lucky to have the kids 4 nights a week currently, but I find it doesn’t leave much time for socialising as I also work full-time. I don’t seem to frequently come across single parents in my day-to-day routine and most of my close friends don’t have children.

    I would be interested to know if there are any groups that provide opportunities to meet or provide single parent support in your local area? If so, who runs them? I would be more than happy to facilitate a group near me if I knew how to go about setting one up, especially if organisations exist who might be interested in supporting the creation of a group.

    I suspect there are probably loads other single parents in a similar position and I certaintly feel a bit isolated at times.

    Any advice welcome. Should I get T-shirt made up saying ‘Single Dad – Please talk to me’ ?

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    Gingerbread m does have some local groups in various areas often run by volunteer single parents. They arrange meet-up with & without Children often through media like whatsapp. Probably a good place to start.


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    Try meet up groups . They are fun

    I use to to do the walking tours

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    1. I understand entirely
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    I feel exactly the same and unfortunately there is no local gingerbread groups anywhere near me

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    I live in Watford and there are no Gingerbread groups particularly near so I may try to start one next year. Thanks all for the replies. It is comforting to know I am not alone. 😁

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    Can I have 7 t shirts please,one for each day of the week lol!

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    I think there really should be more events etc for single parents. I would love to meet more people in my shoes. I was actually thinking of organising a single parents dating event.

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    There are no groups near me either, I have however found a single parents support group about an hour from me (closest one) via social media which meet up  together and look really friendly and fun, which im tempted to go try, my only issue is they have meets for teens, meets for toddlers but not both and I have 4  aged 16,14,2, 1 so either way its not suitable for all of mine typical huh lol then they meet child free and I am literally never child free I always got the youngest two joined at my hip lol…
    one day maybe lol

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    This is the reason I joined this site, I am based in Swindon… Seemingly nothing in my area either.  The site could do with a live group chat section, its not the same as meeting real people face to face, but it is better than nothing!  Great there is such an organisation, seemingly there is nothing really out there for single dads/mums… I am in the same situation as Twinkle where I have my daughter with me fulltime except when she is at school, at which time I am working fulltime.  There has to be more to live than this!??

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    I’m in Newcastle and the nearest one to me is an hour away.  Such a shame as I’m very newly single and very up and down.  Wish I could meet some other single parents to talk to.

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    I am a single Mum and I met my new partner almost 4 years ago on a dating website for single parents called Mums Date best thing I did, I have my Son 6 nights a week so very difficult to get out and socialise therefore this was my only option…4 years later and am as happy I was the first time I met my lovely partner. I was very unsure at first but also knew I had nothing to lose and for me it worked out very well!

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    Hi everyone I’ve just joined this site tonight. im a single parent with full custody I work full time aswell and I find it hard to meet signal parents.


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    I’ve just looked at that mums date dad’s site in my area and all I can say is good Lord lol.  Back to the drawing board for me then haha!

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