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    Hello everyone I’m newly single and struggling with everything. I have a one year old little girl and he dad comes to see her when he has spare time but when he is here he plays mind games by saying he misses me and all the rest of it. I suffer with depression really bad and I’m taking medication for it but it don’t really when he plays mind games. I don’t know what tobdo as I can go on like it

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    Sorry you’re having a tough time 😞 Do you still want to be with your ex? Do you believe that he truly wants you back, or does he have an alterior motive?

    Remember that your daughter needs you so try not to let your ex destroy your confidence or play with your mental wellbeing. I agree that you should speak to your doctor, and also don’t feel pressure to let him into your home. A solicitor told me that the law dictates that our home is our ‘safe haven’ and you have every right to not let him in

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    Hi Im sorry to hear of whats going on and amazed that so many people play mind games. I have been there too. Well the first thing is that the law says contact should be beneficial to the children physically and emotionally.  If having your ex in your house is making your depression worse and upsetting you then it is fair to say that form of contact needs to change. Children know when you are sad and upset and that will affect your daughter. Also you do not have to let him into your home. I would say to him that your daughter needs Regular contact in a positive environment and suggest a contact centre. His contact time should be spent focusing on his relationship with his child and not trying to play with your head and make things harder for you.  Be strong because your daughter needs you and her love for you doesnt play games..    Kind thoughts to you….. T

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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