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    I’m a single mum to two girls. Their dad isn’t allowed any contact due to situations. So i have them full time. I’m being told I have to work, how does anyone do this?

    I want to work, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve zero help with the kids untill they are both in school! So how does this even work with half terms ect? Please can someone just help me here, I’m stressing out.

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    Maybe when dad does see his 2 girls thinks may get better for you.  Otherwise i imagine it cant be easy

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    I did it and still am with no contact or support from another parent. It isn’t always easy. Practically, it helps to understand what benefits and tax credits you may be entitled to and to find a combination of professional childcare and some friends to share childcare with if things get tricky.

    I planned school holidays to be with my kids as much as possible and paid for childcare for the rest. Home working will be much more accepted now, which can allow for school picks ups etc. In a way not appreciated before. Parent responsibilities seem much more understood. Try and find a job that enables this and take advantage of the free online courses available to develop skills.

    school breakfast and after school clubs are great if you can access them and do talk with school. There’s another charity called Working Families who have some great advice.

    good luck. You can do this.

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    if the father poses no risk to the kids, then is it possible to let him see them?

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    1. Ignore people who tell you you must allow contact no one does this lightly.  I’m no contact with my ex. He supports via child maintenance payment with no direct contact. It’s the only way I could make ends meet. Child mai tenancy is ignored in benefit claims.
    2. Go to citizens advice and check benefit entitlements
    3. Online see turn2us website
    4. Learn to be frugal and if you have any friends/family call in support
    5. Talk to the school /gp if you need food bank support or mental health suppory
    6. Poor is better than unsafe.
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