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    Hello all, I’m sorry if this post sounds like a sympathy grab but I’m not in a happy place at the mo.

    My wife of 10 years, who I love and admire has told me it’s over. We have a 4 year old daughter.

    I missed signs for years and have been warned before, I think I’m on the autistic spectrum, as I’ve never been able to read subtle emotions.

    There is no coming back from this, but I can get off the ‘maybe there is train’.

    I’m scared for my daughter and how I tell her we live separately because mummy doesn’t love daddy anymore. As then she will think mummy might stop loving her!

    I’m also scared for myself, as Ive been protected from the real world for so long, using my wife as a crutch. (Part of the problem).

    This separation malarkey sucks doesn’t it!

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    you could tell child that mum wanted a place of her own so moved, and that both mum and dad love her.

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    I like that, thankyou Steve

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