How do I leave this relationship without being manipulated back in.

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    I have known that it has had its time for a while as he constantly lies.  I sat down and asked him for the truth whilst he told me the truth he was definitely still lying in his answers to some of my questions.  He basically wants his cake and eat it with icing and cherry and sprinkles on top.    Anyway I have said I am not living like that let me get my head around what you have said and we can talk about splitting up.  He is using a bit of emotional blackmail to wheedle his way back in things like you have given up I won’t give up on you though, do you think you will be able to move on as if he really cares.


    HOw do I totally negate that?

    When and how do I apply for the relevant benefits?

    How do I cope with getting the children ready for nursery and then work when I have to be up at 4am?

    HOw do I cope with family asking questions as all I want to tell them is it didn’t work but as my mom and dad had physical fights when they argued and we was younger I know they will expect me to just put up with it?

    My house is in my my name so he will just have to go or I can get the police to get involved,  My aim is to sort this amaceably but I feel he will use tactics to keep his foot in the door thinking of changing my locks?

    and maybe a child arrangements order?

    our children are 11 months and 4 years


    thanks in advance



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    Hi Nightrunner

    Thanks for sharing your story on the forum. If you want advice on what benefits you could get, and to understand more about housing rights as well as making arrangements between you and your partner about the children – you can call our free advice service on 0808 802 0925.

    The helpline is busy in January but calling at different times of the day can help if you can’t get through.



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