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    I’ve just split with my partner he is in his own bedroom we have a joint tenancy.

    He is refusing to move out said its his home.

    I have 3 children only 1 is his I’ve made a single claim through universal credit.

    He wants me to move out so he can keep the 4 bedhouse but I dont want to make myself homeless with my children.

    I’ve had no luck with the council what are my rights to stay here with my children and get him removed.

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    Hi Redrose

    Sorry to hear that your relationship has ended.

    I think that you may have to apply for an  ‘occupation order’ so the court can decide who should stay at the house or a ‘transfer of tenancy’ into your name.

    I can’t remember if you have to do one before the other. The occupation order will state who can live there immediately, for a period for up to 12 months e.g you and your children.

    The transfer of tenancy is having a name removed from the Tenancy, so going from a Joint to Sole tenancy, this would also need to be decided at court

    There’s advice online about how to go about it and charities who may be able to support you.

    Good Luck, I hope that you get the outcome that is best for your family. X


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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