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    I have been in a relationship for about 6 months now wit a guy 14 years older than me. He has recently started biting me even when out in public and when I say no he continues, he has also started accusing me of cheating on him even though I’m not he is still accusing me, he also drinks far too much he wakes up early in the morning thirsty so has 3 cans of beer it is actually all he drinks. I have to think of my kids and I don’t want to be with him anymore, but I don’t know how to say it to him. I’m scared he will get violent towards me, I know it is a cowards way out but can I message him saying something ? His family don’t like me and they know he bites me but just say I obviously deserve it. Please can somebody help me ? Thank you

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    Can you meet him with a friend watching and just tell him? If not, then phone him. Keep it brief, to the point, swift, and then end the call. It’s just as safe as texting and a bit more decent.

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    I would definitely call social services and explain how worried you feel . This is very important because they will have a record then which can be used if he turns nasty.

    In my opinion, anyone who can’t be on their very best behaviour in front of the kids has no business anywhere near them.

    Did you say he bites you in public? Thought it might be a typo? Bizarre.

    my advice would be to get someone over while he’s out, text him to say it’s over and if he comes anywhere near you you’ll call the police. If he turns up, call the police immediately.

    Sorry, it must be awlful for you. It will need a lot of courage but think of your kids and you’ll find the strength in them.

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    Biting is physical abuse especially after you’ve told him to not do it.

    There is no excuse for physical abuse.

    Take action. Now. Call social services!

    Or arrange for a witness the next time he does it and file a police complaint.

    With kids around you can’t take a chance.

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    Hi, my understanding is that he is not the father of your children. So, my question is, do you have to tell him something at all? his behaviour is totally unacceptable. Would it be possible for you to just have a safe place where you and your children can live, a new telephone number and leave? Honestly I don’t believe you owe him any kind of explanation.

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    Hi there suzukirider,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Gingerbread online forum.

    We’re so sorry to hear you’re going through such a difficult time. It’s really important that you protect you and your children and look after yourself – you deserve to be safe and well, and live free from harm. Just to let you know, we’ve dropped you a quick email with some information that might help you make some decisions and please feel welcome to continue chatting on the forum with other parents so that you feel supported.

    Take care and best wishes,

    Poppy at Gingerbread

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    Honestly why don’t you put your children first because they need protecting.  this random man is not their father and you have let him into your children’s lives..if he is biting you what do you think he’s capable of doing to your children?

    Why would you let this man do this to you ? Get in  your mind and abuse you so that you can’t focus on yourself or u our children.

    I saw this nonsense with my own parents and I would not put my daughter through this.

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