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    Hello all, I’m. Hoping someone can help me. My partner left just over a month ago,while it was his decision to go he now regrets his choice and says I won’t let him back. I tried to sort my benefits but as his name is still on as liable for council tax is and hb both said no. I need a new tenancy in my name alone to get either. However to get a new one I can’t simply drop his name he first has to give consent then I have to do a new contract, while I know ill pass credit checks and can afford it alone I don’t have a guarantor, my only hope was to ask him to consent and to ask his (really good and helpful in the past) boss to be guarantor. He’s refused and said I have a choice either I let him come home or risk the kids having to go into temporary accommodation. This could literally be anywhere in the country that has space for us. I feel trapped and like my only option to secure their roof is to go back to what was a toxic relationship. During the month and a half he’s been gone he’s stated what he needed to do made a start then backtracked to blaming me again so literally nothing has changed in his behavior. I’m so upset he still has such control over my life and I was not see what I can do to stop it

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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