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    So I left my husband over a month ago and despite asking him he won’t leave the 5 bed home for me and my children to return to.  I am currently going  for an occupation order which is costing lots of money for a barrister.  He hasn’t paid the mortgage sine we left.  I have to move out of my parents house in two weeks due to them selling it.  I have registered as homeless and am hoping to have a 4 bed housing association type accommodation.  Hopefully in local area.

    So my question is what are the 4 beds like? I have been lucky enough never to rent owning my first home at teh age of 22 after moving out of my parents.  I can’t believe he has put myself and children in this position.  It is what it is.  I am worried where they will house me.  I think I will be top priority due to leaving him because of domestic abuse.

    I have no furniture, curtains, bedding etc.  Will the council or social services help me?

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    Hi New beginnings2020,

    Hope you are ok as can be during this time, my thoughts are with you. Its hard enough going through what you have and then facing this kind of uncertainty as to where or when you will be housed.

    I am currently in temporary accomodation single mum with a 2 year old and 6 months pregnant with my son as my partner left 3 months ago. From the experiences I have had due to covid I had to email the local council with the reasons as to why I believed I was homeless there are some good template letters on shelters website too. I then had to submit evidence which supported my email and I emphasised I needed to be in a specific area where my daughter goes to pre-school and where all my support network are based. A gp letter was submitted as I was having anxiety with feeling in limbo. You should be in a priority band with what you have experienced. If you try and get as many professionals around you to support you with any letters that will strengthen your case all being well. I don’t know how long I will be in the temporary accommodation for but the blessing is its quiet, its clean, it’s a lovely area close to all my family and daughters pre school. Things will get better you have achieved so much getting a house at 22. Just keep focussed on moving forward as easy as it sounds as I appreciate it is anything but that, your children are your biggest blessing and will keep you strong. Here if you want to talk, x

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    Thank you – So 3 hours in court and I didn’t win the occupation order.  Judge stated that he would have no family to go to whereas I have a house.  So back to square one.  The lies he told in court were unbelievable, but expected to be honest.  This was meant to be a final hearing, so back in court next month with further evidence.  I could tell which way it was going at the beginning as soon as the judge spoke.  I’m devastated, the girls are confused as to why they can’t go home.


    IDVA are great and I know its a setback, maybe its not meant to be and I’ll just go and rent.  It’s hard trying to hold a job down, support my kids and be happy in front of them.  I am lucky as I had the strength to get away.  Others are not so lucky.  He has taken out loans since I left so I suppose I will ahve to pay some of those.


    If he is doing this, I was thinking that I needed a new car as mine is so old, will this go against me if I bought a new car?  Would he be liable as a joint debt as well?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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