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    Feeling Really down I’ve had to flee from domestic Violence with my 2 kids been year not since it happen while I was pregnant.
    council have placed be in a hostel been here for a month and they are telling me it could take 10 years to get a place I have to find private rented but non takes dss I’m finding it very hard to cope I really don’t feel safe here

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    Your situation sounds so difficult and I wish I knew something useful about housing that I could say.I’m so sorry I’m not much use….It’s sounds like you are having a very tough time.Hopefully if you hold on till the morning somebody will have some good advice? Maybe try not to think about the 10 year thing bc that’s enough to depress anyone.For the moment maybe just try to make sure you and your kids have what you need to get through the day.I hope you and the kids are ok tonight,maybe try to get some sleep if you can with your little ones….you need your strength.You’re not completely alone.I’m thinking of you!

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    Hi Jade

    This website has a lot of information. Maybe read this for now. I will see how I can help u.

    Thanks Katherine,

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    <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>To Jade</span></span>

    I got the link to this website. I guess the moderator does not like my link?

    So go to this website above. Go to information, then there is a section entitled housing. There is some useful things.

    Secondly, I did some research.

    If you are fleeting domestic violence you can get housing benefits even if you own your own property.

    You can apply for universal credits, a single monthly payment if you’re out of work or on a low income.


    This is a basic explanation of housing advice and free legal telephone numbers.


    Good luck, if you need any further help, contact me,

    Thanks, Katherine,


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    Hi Jade,

    I have been through something similar so I wanted to try offer you some advice.

    first of all, do not panic. The council are under a duty of care to re-house you. Because there is such a shortage for social housing the council will try and get you to private rent, the 10 year thing is just a scare tactic and legally they can only keep you in temporary accommodation for two years.

    have you thought about going to a women’s refuge?

    I point blank refused to go into temp accommodation as I knew they could leave me there for 2 years. If you go into refuge you will have a support worker who will liaise with housing and help get you resettled. Refuge need space as demand is so high so they are motivated to get you rehoused.
    I would recommend getting a independent domestic violence advocate. They are there to help with things like getting you rehoused.

    I hope this information helps. Happy to answer any questions you have.


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    Thank you lady’s for replying to my message but I haven’t got anywhere with council I’m still at the hostel.  I can’t even wash my clothes here I have to take all my dirty clothes on the bus to my mums every 3 days council not helping me at. My daughter due to go school next year my son going nursery this year don’t think I’ll get housed by then. Everything is going bed for be these past 4 years.

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    Hi Jade

    Sorry to hear about you having to leave your home because of DV,

    Was the home you fled from a property rented from the council? If so, was the tenancy in your name, or was it a joint tenancy with both your names?


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