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    My husband has decided he wants out of our marriage; I’ve fought hard to try make the marriage work for the last year but he still insists he wants out; maybe we got married to young for him but we’ve got a nearly 2 year old together to think about.
    We’re still renting and I only just started working June this year. Our son is currently in part time nursery as that the only way I can work 4 days a week and still just make enough to make ends meet. With my husband moving out I won’t be able to afford our house and yet moving out could cost even more on the long run. I’m not entitled to benefits so housing association isn’t an option. I just feel so stuck and hopeless at the moment and can’t think of a way out of this mess.
    I considered possibly sharing the house with another single mum, we could help each other, each the rent and cost and be a support system for each other. I don’t know if people still do stuff like that but my mum said it was very  common in her time.
    Anyone possibly interested, we live in Welling London.

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    definitely is still a thing. My ex left during my pregnancy, I found a lot of adverts on a site called met up with some other lovely single parents. A colleague ended up moving in with me (childless) and I’m actually glad that I don’t live with another parent; I still have that social side of another adult around the house, her and my son get on fantastic and she likes to take him out for walks to let me have a bath to myself now and then. One thing I hadn’t thought about with sharing with another parent is potential friction with different parenting styles. So if 2 children are under the same roof, 1 is brought up very freely and relaxed and the other is parented with a lot of structure and discipline it could cause unease between the children and parents.
    It does work for some parents but personally I now don’t think I could house share with another parent & child.

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