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    Hello all!

    I’m looking at renting a house in the Cornwall Devon border area, and would love to know if anyone out there is open to the idea of house sharing? There is so much joy in my life with me and my child but goddamn it, there’s SO much of the “drudgery” that’s just life (taking the rubbish out/ going shopping/ cooking/ cleaning etc,) it has made me realise: wouldn’t it be good to share some of that stuff,  as well as hopefully some nice times, too?! That said, I ma a realistic woman! Sharing life is also hard. But this appeals too: without another adult and the inevitable having to iron out some creases- how does my child learn about  the real stuff of relationships and life? I believe humans operate better with some kind of tangible support system, and I don’t know of many single parents that have one, lock down highlighting how hard this is, of course.


    I’m looking forward to sharing meals, mutually beneficial looking after of the children, and there being another adult energy in the place. I know loads of people are keen to be super independent as single parents, and whilst I value my independence HUGELY and have a good routine (been a single parent for a couple years,) I think there is enough to be said for risking it, sharing some parts of life, too.  (Also, I’m an experienced house sharer, and I’ve one 2 year old. I’m looking at moving in 4 to 6 weeks.)

    Hope everyone is well, sending my best wishes to you all

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    Wow sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I lived in Cornwall for a year whilst completing my masters.

    Which part of Cornwall would you consider? Just from my experience it is pretty expensive down there and jobs are hard to come by but that was going back almost ten years ago and I was a student so things may have changed.

    I’d totally join you but I could only do a temporary share until April 2021.

    Sure you will meet loads of new people down there though! Brilliant idea

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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