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    I’ve just signed up as I’m feeling I have nowhere to turn.

    I split with my wife just over a year ago and was made to leave the family home, she changed the locks and Ive since found out I was never on the tenancy agreement.

    My 2 teenage daughters stayed with her as I was sofa surfing. They stayed with me whenever this was possible.

    At the start of lockdown I was lucky enough to be asked to look after a friends house as he was going to stay with his parents. The girls moved in with me straight away.

    After 8 weeks the girls returned to their mother. This lasted 3 days. My daughters weren’t fed. Their mother was drinking everyday and then on day 3 had a male friend spend the night in her bed. This is despite lockdown and telling the kids she’s single. My daughters had to leave at 1am in a cab and come back to me as they didn’t feel safe.

    The reason they have been trying to get away from her before is that she doesn’t spend time with them, doesn’t feed them, drinks daily, has different men visit, has been known to use drugs, spends all weekends out.

    I have been to the council for help but they say I need to go to court to prove they are with me.

    I have spoken with Social Services who say they have no case to open as the girls are not currently in danger as they are not with their mother.

    Citizens advice say the council has to help. But what can I do when they say they won’t help?

    Everywhere we turn we get told we can’t get any help. My daughter’s have said they will not go back to their mother as its unsafe.

    Today is our last night being able to stay in my friends house. Tomorrow we literally have nowhere to go.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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    Family Time

    Iam  so sorry to be reading this how emotionally traumatising to you all , the council have a duty as do the social services to provide you with accommodation the girls should be allocated a social worker , you don’t say how old they are but you might get more help if they call social services themselves and say how they feel unsafe the council will have to provide accommodation once a social worker joins you on board , I wish you all the best always here to talk to , sorry I couldn’t offer more help x

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The girls are 16 and 13.

    Social Services have said the girls are with me so they are not in immediate danger. They will only investigate if the girls return to their mother. They contacted her for her side of events. She told them the girls are welcome at their maternal grandparents. The problem there is, their mother visits daily. The last time they went there they were made to sit and be shouted at about gow wonderful the mother is and that she does no wrong.

    The council say they are treating my application as a single male in full time employment so I’m not entitled to any help.

    I work full-time but on a low income. If I could afford to rent somewhere for us, I would.

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    Hi lucky337

    I’m sorry you are experiencing this currently.  Please look out for a private message from me as I will be sending you some signposting information.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Much appreciated Justine. Thank you.

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    Getting nowhere today. Been on with the council, shelter and social services.

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    If your on a low income can’t you get universal credit? Surly they have to help you with accommodation hope ur ok!

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    Hi Kate

    We have been told we are entitled to nothing as the mother is already claiming for the girls.

    I thought they would stop her claim and investigate as the girls do not live with her but unfortunately not. They have said the girls SHOULD be with the person claiming rather than the person they are ACTUALLY with being able to claim.

    I have managed to get some money together for a solicitor and we are applying for an urgent occupation order. This would, if granted mean she would be evicted and we can move back into the family home.

    She wouldnt be homeless as she can go to her mothers.

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    Lucky337, I am so sad to have been reading this post….I am so sorry you & your children have had to go through all this….

    I really hope things work out for you

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