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    My first post!

    A friend who works in housing suggested contacting Gingerbread with my idea.

    When I got divorced I had an amount of money too small to buy a property and was not in a position to get a mortgage (I work as a contractor so my income was considered unreliable, though it isn’t) so I changed jobs and bought a house in a good area after a couple of years.

    My youngest son is now thinking about moving out and I want to find someone to pay off my remaining mortgage and become a stakeholder in my home. They would have 2 or possibly 3 bedrooms and share the rest of the house, including a share of the bills. It’s a 4 bed house with garden and parking in a quiet area with lots of youngsters around. Schools around us are considered good.

    I’m easygoing and have had lodgers in all my houses, but I wanted to help a single parent who is in the position that I was 10 years ago. I’m never going to be a grandma so having children in my life would be lovely.

    There are lots of options later on, life changes all the time!

    It would be a full legal process and of course we’d have to get on well, which is difficult to determine early on, but has anyone done this and any advice?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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