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    Hi, I’m looking for a good wifi home camera, and it would be very convenient if it has an embedded storage, because I don’t wanna store my personal life videos in the cloud. The camera is for looking after my kid while she stays home alone.  I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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    My first question would be how old is your child?

    According to NSPCC :

    “Children under 12 years old shouldn’t be left home alone for long. Children under shouldn’t be left alone overnight. Over 16 year olds shouldn’t be left alone frequently for long periods of time or for multiple nights.”

    While keeping this in mind I would ask yourself what the benefit of having a camera is, because it is not a substitute for looking after any child that needs supervision.

    If you have concerns about the storage of anything that would be videoed being in the cloud, I would urge you to echo those concerns to any internet connected device.

    Not only is any content that you have on there available as to cause you concern, but live footage also adds the danger of people being able to monitor when you are in and out of the house and your daily routine therefore when the house is likely to be empty which is an added risk.  In your intended use-case scenario you are also advertising on the internet the fact that your child is home alone to which needs no further comment.

    Internet connected cameras are searchable and exploitable, and it only takes a few steps further to enumerate the geolocation of an exploited device.

    Wireless cameras even more so as exploited devices will be known to be in the vicinity.

    Even if your camera is not one that has a web interface to view over the internet (though many have this enabled by default), wireless is also not good from a security standpoint based on your earlier concerns and so it would be advisable to use wired cameras where possible if you are going to use surveillance for security purposes and to have it on a closed circuit on a separate system that is not connected to the internet.

    In terms of your intended use case scenario I’d simply say don’t do it.

    If your child needs supervision then get them supervised properly, if they are old enough to be alone without supervision ask yourself why you need a camera…. and if so how and why it would be used.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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