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    Hi. I would like input from anyone who has a court order in place which talking about alternating holiday contact.  Term time normal arrangement is alternating weekend contact and this has never been an issue between my ex and me over the past 2 years the court order has been in place.  Court orders states that we alternate half terms ( feb, May and October) where 1 year a parent gets 2 of these and the next year, the other parent gets two). Other end of term holidays are shared equally (Christmas, Easter and summer) are split equally between us. I remember that when we created the routine, I checked if the weekend either side of the half term belongs to the parents whose half term it is (it allows them to travel and see family  outside the country). It was understood it was, but not explicitly mentioned in the court order. The order just says that contact is alternating weekends, and alternating half terms. So, if one weekend  (start of half term) belongs to Mum and the other weekend (end of half term ) belongs to the Dad, but the half term holiday belongs to one of the parents…. we have a clash! Does the normal term time contact take over the holiday contact routine or does the  holiday contact take over the usual term time weekend. I’m inclined to think that the holiday contact override the term time weekend to allow the parent to travel somewhere for that half term. Otherwise, it means that the parent has to leave Friday morning and be back in time to handover. Which holiday company does a Saturday to Thursday week holiday? Most do a Saturday to Saturday departure? I fear this might be a ploy to stop travel to family who leave further away. How do most families who alternate weekends manage their holidays?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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