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    I could do with some good ideas for holidays, as it’s been a few years since my boys and I have had a nice week away.

    The normal holiday (when we have one) usually involves me, 2 boys, a 3 person tent, a camping stove, somewhere in the UK with spectacularly bad weather. Cooking in lashing rain and taking the soaking wet food to the kids huddled in the tent. On a campsite where we don’t know anyone. Visiting castles, going for walks, swimming in the sea etc. So mostly good. But it is exhausting and not very sociable for me even if there are children on the campsite for my boys to play with, which there usually are.

    So while the weather is always going to be pot luck, I would like to try something that might be more sociable. I have looked online and seen Acorn holidays for single parents – nice tents already set up, lots of stuff to do, and because it is for single parents there are other adults around to talk to while the kids play and make friends. Anyone got any feedback? Way more expensive than any holiday we’ve ever had, but that kind of thing would be very popular with my boys.

    They are 11 and 13, one very seriously into rock climbing and the other scared of heights, so it’s a delicate balance to entertain them both sometimes.

    Just looking for suggestions at this stage, for the summer hols.

    Location could be anywhere in the UK, but somewhere like south coast, Cornwall, Devon where the boys have never been would be an extra bonus.

    All ideas welcome. Thanks!





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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