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    Ive jist got back form my first hoilday as a single parent with my beautiful children in tow. This is after an array of things ive achieved in the last 6mths

    Had a great time and even realised why i couldnt ever take my ex back now. And actually asked hom for a divorce the day before we came home

    The next thing i would love to do is go away alone for a while. Just me which ive never done EVER.

    My parebtz thinl im crazy as thsi is one  of the first things i said when i got back, bit now he kods have more contact i feel i need to live my life a bit and have adventrues since i never did it as had my eldest at 19.

    Am i crazy?

    It is a easy as i thiknl it.will be?

    Will the lonelyness return? (Like my pwn company now*which was a massive hurdle ive only just acheived)

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    Go!! Find a place, plan what you want to do and go. Best thing is you won’t have to stick to anyone else schedule. As long as you plan enough you will hardly realise you’re alone and likely will meet other people on the way….even if you don’t its still fun

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    As Robyn88 said, go! I would love to go away by myself and the only things stopping by me doing it now is time and money, but I definitely plan to do it in the future. There’s holiday company’s for solo travellers or you could go on a holiday linked with an interest or hobby – there’s loads out there if you have s trawl through the internet.

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    Thankyou guys i will definitely aim to go it wull prboslby be after chirstmas now but we will see

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    I did a cookery course on Italy on my own and made loads of friends .

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    @sherima that sounds AMAZING ive always wanted to visit italy myself  😍


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    I had a friend who did one of those charity walks along the Great Wall of China. She loved it made loads of friends they all still meet up and that was years ok.


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    @thesmall frog i fancied doing thst myself too. Before this evrn happened theres loads of  oppertunities then. I cant wait


    Thankyou so much guys xx

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    I’ve done exactly the same as you, I went abroad with my 13 yr old son on my own for 4 nights (trial run to see if we like it) and would deffo do it again. We had a great time and just did what we wanted which is new to us!

    I to am planning to go away on my own, I can’t wait to get something booked but will have to save up first. I’ve planned everything just need the money now 😁.

    Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine x

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    Im sure i will be fine too it was my parents reaction thst through me of as this is the only time theyve not gone with my ideas upto press.

    Thats why i thought maybe my idea was a little out there. Clearly not from what youvd all said

    100% going to do it when i have the funds xx


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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