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    Hi all,

    Been having a good re-evaluation during lockdown and looking at changes to be made. One of the main ones is socialising. The children do lots and I encourage as much as possible. But what activities do other parents on a tiny budget do, with restricted childcare do, that isn’t purely particle based- (I’ve realised sole food shopping dosen’t count as an activity! lol)

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    If you have a small area outside home you can get some grow bags and grow salad, tomato etc… some can be grown in buckets and old pots. I have achieved this in my garden in an old baby bath!

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    Hi Em, I’m exactly the same! I know a lot of people are finding it hard during lockdown but even before that I hardly socialised or had any hobbies so have adapted to lockdown pretty well lol. I want to change when this is over though and being trying to think of new things/hobbies for when things are back to normal xx

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    Hi, Sherinam and Emmey, I’ve got a place I could do it in the the garden, love the idea of the baby bath. I must admit the lockdown hasn’t really made a massive difference to me either in that sense. The kids are full of new hobby ideas they want to add and try after its over. Starting to think of writing a hobby tick list lol (if budget allows) as a bit of a self challenge after lockdown. Otherwise I end up doing as much as I love them- painting or sewing ect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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